Sunday, January 31, 2010

What you wear when shopping matters

I got a new pair of saucony today! A sweet pair of ProGrid Guides, I forgot to ask how heavy they were but they were pretty light compared to the TR3s I have right now, going to be great running on road with them. But my point is, what you wear when shopping really affects the service you get, I was at another mall yesterday and the guys at the same chain treated me like crap. I was wearing sweats, minimal makeup (only eyeliner), with my hair down and just crazy b/c I hadn't had time to do anything when I was rushing to get to Italian earlier that morning, the guys at the store ignored me but all rushed to help this pretty girl with big boobs. Honestly, I find it hilarious and I know if the CEO of this rather large sporting group in Canada were to find out, hell would arise, b/c honestly, I probably spend more money at this chain and their counterparts than that girl a year, she'll buy maybe 1 or 2 pairs of sporting shoes a year from this chain while I need a new pair every 3 or 4 months = at least 4 pairs a year. ***I have different shoes for different terrain (dry road, wet road, icy road &etc), different shoes for racing (roadracing & spikes for XC & track). Anyways, when I noticed this yesterday I decided to do an experiment today when I went to buy the shoes I had put onhold, at another mall, I actually had on a sweater that didn't totally crash with my sweats, put up my hair in a ponyhair, and some makeup on, wow, the service I had today was great. The guys didn't yell at me for the rather more intense than normal shoe testings I tend to like to do, it really was great service. Note to self, always look good when you shop when you want great service.

I'm still laughing at how the woman at footlocker was trying to tell me about shoes, thanks for the tips but I honestly think I know my running shoes
Took my 2nd day off of running straight, left hip is a bit tight - start half training tomorrow
Taking inventory of my runnings shoes, I'm still dizzy from trying to count

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