Saturday, May 22, 2010


Rudely awaken by family members at 8am this morning - who the heck wakes up at 8am on a Saturday morning? They disrupted my dream which I can still remember rather well.

In this particular dream I qualified for OFSAA for XC but I was close to not making it on time to the race site - in fact I'm not sure if I made it to the start line on time b/c I was rudely awaken. - I woke up just when I was pulling on my spikes in the dream.

They say when you are asleep your brain is still working and your consciousness, awareness, and cognitive trap are more alert. Personally, I've found myself in situations that I have dreamt about during thre few times I can actually sleep for more than 3-4h straight.

In the terms of this particular dream I think it represents that fact I have the ability to make it to OFSAA for XC again but it will be a tight qualifying race. I also think it reaffirms my belief while I have the ability to make it to OFSAA I have to work my butt off and stick to the training plans I have drawn up for myself, for this summer/early fall.

****Up since 9-10, studying for the french exam
J'ai peur pour l'examen de Francais de BI - je dois étudier beacoup. Je dois écrire l'examen lundi, ce n'est pas juste! Lundi est une vacances pour mon payé.

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