Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things that made me Laugh/Cry/Smile Today


1) In bio today we touched upon a little about genetics and abnormalities in meiosis, we then came across trisomy and downs syndrome. There was a picture of a little white boy on our notes and our teacher tries to explain the physical effects of downs syndrome through the picture of the little white boy

Bio teacher: Look at the picture of the boy, what can you tell me about this boy?
Class: errrrrr
Bio teacher: Come on guys! This is a white organism, what is making him different?
Class: errr....he has Asian eyes?
Bio teacher: Good job guys! Often, children with downs syndrome will have Asian looking eyes when they're white
Class mutters among themselves, we're wondering how we can tell if the child is mixed or has downs syndrome. Class starts laughing b/c we laugh at everything, even when it's not funny.
Bio teacher: What's so funny?

It was so jokes and just politcally incorrect, I think she was trying to help us remember the physical signs of downs syndrome but we just couldn't stop laughing.

2) As I was leaving the library b/c I couldn't sit for the UNYCA meeting any longer I saw a fluffy white animal in the hallway. I broke my right eye contact yesterday so I couldn't see very well so I thought this white fluffy animal was an oversize bunny - in my mind I was telling the guy holding the leash that his bunny needed to go on a diet. As I neared the bunny I realized it was not a bunny at all, but rather a fluffy white dog with long white ears.

As I leaving the school, my xc running coach saw the dog, the owner and just had to add in his 2 cents
"T, take your girlfriend home"
my running coach isn't exactly the nicest guy....

We got the Unit 3 Part 1 bio test back. I passed, just barely. The highest mark in our class was a 75 and apparently a ton of kids actually did not pass. This is kind of scary b/c we're the same kids that used to complain a 85% was a bad mark. We're getting murked in this class.

After the rollarcoaster day I had, I came home to a really sweet email from my brother - I never knew he could be this sweet.

"ur not perfect u have a lot of flaws

but i am not perfect and have a lot of flaws too

but i will always love u because u are my sister =]

ADD OIL to ur studies!!"

My brother is such a fob now that he spent 4-5 months in Asia - is it politically incorrect to say fob? isn't it fop now? b/c they don't take boats anymore

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