Monday, May 24, 2010


IB French Exams DONE. J'ai FINI:)

Paper 1 was meh, I don't think I got every single question right but I think I did ok.
Paper 2. hilarious. it was a journal intime about what would happen if we met someone with the same first and last name as us

I based it on what would happen if a girl and I were in the same track race (the 3000) and we both had the same name. I wrote about how the commentors would have a hard time. I then got inspired and said the other girl was a sore loser and how I didn't want to have the same name as her b/c it ruins the perception of me. I also said I would lose individuality. At the last moment I added that my name was a gift from my parents and they named me after their best friend who died the day before I was born so it was a lot of meaning to me. yeah...I spent my 1.5h very wisely in the examination room. I even drew pictures so it would look like a journal.

After the exams, K,J & myself went to see The Trotsky. Amazing, amazing movie. It was soo cute & the fact it was filmed at McGill was pretty cool for us - we never see movies based in Canada.

J& I went back to her house after and I met her family - her aunts, uncles, & cousins are soo funny!
BBQ at her place, her mom makes amazing ribs....yum
fireworks after - will post pics later

Indiana Tech University's track/cross coach sent me an email! Not just any old email, but one about RUNNING for them! I"m pretty surprised b/c I had such a horrible track season and my spring road season was pretty bad. I'm so happy right now! WHOOOO

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