Friday, May 28, 2010

Sudbury Trip 2010

1) Never again will I go to Sudbury
2) Never again will I pull such an all nighter
3) Never again will I go on an all nighter with crazy IB kids

Sudbury was CRAZY. I am so exhausted right now, the trip was fun in a sense but at the same time I'm just glad to be home - by 9 pm I never wanted to see half of the people again.

Doing that bio lab until 1:30 was a mistake, waking up at 5am to run was a mistake - I should have slept before going onto that bus. At least I was smart enough to bring a blanket so I was passed out for most of the ride.

Highlights (timeline format):
Parry Sound
I don't think they have ever seen this many Asians at once in their town - other than the people from my school I did not see any Asians. Guy at Tim Hortons was not impressed when I asked for a turkey bacon club with no sause, no mayo - I guess he thought it would be extra work for his people but you can't expect me to eat anything with mayo. Hate mayo.

Ice cream sundae at McDonalds was amazing - we wanted to go through the drive through walking, in carm formation. We were going to do it on the way back but we were just too exhausted.

The old 50 year old man with a mullet, a pot belly, and his shirt hanging open and unbuttoned at MCD totally turned me off this town - never again do I want to visit Parry Sound . It's a pretty and quaint little town but as a city girl I live here.

Dynamic Earth

"Learnt" about what Sudbury mines for. Watched some lame movie thingy about the history of Sudbury - that was the most borning thing I ever watched. Lou the barber had the most boring voice ever.

Going down the mine shaft was kind of cool, other than the fact the floor of the mine was kind of wet so my feet got wet too -ew. Glad I'm short though b/c I never had to dunk during the whole tour.

The old washrooms of the old mines at Sudbury were disgusting - and to think the most wanted job was the toilet pusher for 1$ a day.

Appartently there was a thunderstorm outside so we had to walk up the mine shaft instead of taking the elevator - no worries, it wasn't a full size mine shaft:)

Science North

Dinner was digusting and unfilling - some weird chicken, salad, and potato wedges. Chicken was juicy with not much flavour. Salad had too much dressing. Potato wedges had no flavour, even their ketchup had no flavour. There were no seconds for chicken so I had extra wedges but they still did not fill me up.The ice cream was melted and tasted kind of like marshmellows instead of vanilla - we called it "marshmellow fluff".

After dinner we, for some reason, had to desire to climb this huge pole in the building. Some of my friends kept trying to go up the pole...and failing.

The fire presentation was one of the only things I was even remotely impressed with. The iMAX film made me dizzy. The star gazing made me have a headache. The popcorn was stale. The cookies at snack time were ICE COLD - and they didn't have water, only milk or coke. Arg. I need water.

The butterfly section was really pretty though - over 500 butterflies in there. Apparently butterflies have a lifespan of approx 2 week in the wild but at Science North they live for about 4 weeks. They were so pretty and it was so cool seeing them fly around you.

The insects...for some insane reason, everyone wanted to hold them and take pictures with them. Because I was one of the few who brought their camera onto the trip, I had to take an insane amount of pictures. I felt so bad b/c someone wanted to hold a 'walking stick' and the guide tried to take them out of the glass but 2 of them were kind of umm stuck together, like they were mating. One of my friends made a pretty funny comment, at that time I was still awake enough to process it in my mind
H: so umm are they like doing it?
J: I think they are...that's what it looks it. They're like...on top of each other
H: hmm so they are doing it. I wonder how it if there is a whole in it and stuff. Where does it stick it in?
J: Errr this is a totally inappropriate comment to be making at ___________(I totally can not remember what time it was maybe 9? or 12?)

I actually kind of enjoyed the rock cutting activity - if it were not at 12 or 1 or 2 am in the morning - I have no idea what time it was, I would have loved it. I cut out a demented looking heart from a cube of rock:) It looks kind of demented but whatever, it was early in the morning and I was on my last leggs of insanity. Around 9pm I was already hitting the stage where anything and everything was funny b/c I had stayed up late the night before, doing my bio lab, woke up early to run, and did not get to nap before dinner like normal. When we were cutting the rocks I was hitting that stage again - eveything was funny to me. My classmates chipping at rock was funny. Lame jokes became funny.

A(with some strange weird accents): We be working like the kids in Mexico (I think it was Mexico at least), chopping hard, making powder like those kids making cocaine

As I recall this, I don't find it funny but I still remember bursting out in laughter over this - I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Exhaustion just makes everything so much funnier.

Soo pissed, in the "sports zone" I just failed. Apparently I can't sprint nor do I have power in my legs - people were beating me in this run up stairs thing. 90% of the kids there have not worked out ever or in the past 3 years. My friend also accidently stepped on my 2nd toe on my right foot and now I think it's broken - have it taped up and everything - b/c of this I have to take today off from running. I will do a double tomorrow I think.

Porky the porcupine was such a cutie and he danced for me! He was sooo cute but he smelt horrible....just absolutely horrible, but he was such a cutie. Apparently when he was little they would lift him out of the enclosement and hold him and everytime he wants to be held, he dances. He was dancing most of the night when we were there but we couldn't hold him b/c of his quills. Poor boy.

By the time we got to the Dino exhibit we were so exhausted we just laid out on the floor - I couldn't fall asleep there but it was nice to get to close my eyes - totally helped with the headache.

Breakfast was horrible - ice old muffin, ice old nature grain bar, 1 orange slice, and juice. I ate about 1/4 of the lemon poppy seed muffin - I couldn't finish it and lemon poppy seed is my favourite. 3/4 of the nature grain bar, I hate the fruit fillings so I didn't eat that part either. Orange was too cold and I skipped the juice. Add in an apple from my bag - the taste of the muffin ruined the apple taste for me so I couldn't finish that.

As soon as I got on the bus I slept - I was passed out and slept till the PA system woke me up in Parry Sound for a washroom break. Peed. went back onto the bus and slept till Aurora/Newmarket. Woke up, called brother.

We were early by 2h to the school b/c we left Sudbury early - lucky for my bus b/c the other bus still wasn't at Science North yet when we left Sudbury.

The school almost did not let me sign out b/c my brother picked me up and he wasn't my legal guardian but with he swamp of all the IB kids wanting to sing out they just gave up and let me go.
Sec 1: you need to call your parents
Sec 2: How old are you?
Brother: I'm 21
Sec 2: How are you getting home
Brother: I'm driving
Sec 1: She still needs her parents
Sec 2: Just let her go
:). I think they just wanted me out of the office b/c the whole IB gr 11 population was coming in

Had such crazy times on this trip, almost tipped over a dino that I sat on, and I'm going to miss these crazy people next year when I drop.

but right now, I don't want to see any of these faces for a long long time.

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