Friday, May 7, 2010

The Someone Series: A Response from D.

I haven't had the time to write K's yet but I will tonight (hopefully) but I have gotten responses from both D & J and I think I'll post D's response up now. It's so sweet & funny I can't help but love her even more.

D's response:

good actually made me CRY...
omg...that was the most SWEETEST thing ever, Jo...thanks, so much! && i love you toooo! ♥
oh's so hard remembering the times that you WEREN'T there...
and it wasn't my fault that Varun was stalking me...
LOL gr.9 was awesome...what stands out the most was my 'war' with him...i had to kick him 'there' to get him to stop annoying me...and it didn't work...even though i did it like...twice?
i remember your bubbliness and how scared i was sometimes to hang out with you 'cause you were close with Jess...she scared the crapp outta i can't imagine why... XDDD
honestly, we made so many amazing memories together...last year, 2nd semester was were there, in all my classes and we had so much laughs...remember the Phantom filming? or our 'dream houses'? XDDDD
OMG..."MONKEY GO BOOM BOOM!" ...Mansey FTW! =]
You've been through all the crap with me [...Graziani...argggg...] and thro...ugh all my triumphs...["I placed 3rd!" ..."Danielle, you're holding up only 2 fingers..."]...omg...remember how you asked a niner for a pen and freaked him out? feels like you've been by my side FOREVER, and i'm honestly REALLY looking forward to making a TON more memories in the future! =]
you make me laugh and you make me love life, itself. i don't know ANYONE who feels depressed around're like the friggin' sun ;]
LOL i have attempted to compile my own list for your ideal need:
Someone who will hold YOUR hand as you cross the street so that you don't get [almost] hit by anymore cars...
Someone who is willing to run with you everyday, rain or shine...and who happens to carry a bag to keep your clothes in XDDDD
Someone who can dance as insanely as youuuu ;]
Someone who already knows Italian so that they can help you improve yours...and someone who might even take you to Italyyyy ;]
Someone who's not intimidated by you, nor afraid to take control of the relationship
Someone who is in to eating healthy so that you don't have to lecture them, as you do meee...and he should probably be able to cook too!
Someone who will go with you to the polling stations to support the Liberals [even though Conservatives are bettterrrr...]
Someone who will understand your love of shoes, bags, and sunglasses ;]
Someone who will take you to Leaf games and who will wear their jersey as often as you do ;]
Someone who will go for all your races and s...upport you, no matter what =]
Someone who will take AWESOME photos of you running so that you don't have to use the ones with watermarks
Someone who will take you to the zoo whenever you want, so that you can see the polar bears
Someone who will go along with you spy delusion ;]
Someone who will calm you down when you're stressed out or angry
Someone who will hug you and remind you how beautiful you are
Someone who loves you for you
...cause you're just THAT beautiful of a person ♥

All I can say is D. knows me way too well - she is one of the stars in my sky and I just love her. Her msg. made me laugh, cry, and just appreciate her even more. She's like a sister, actually more than a sister - she is my Under Armour to a runner. ♥

***Ground breaking ceremony for the dome being built at my school happened today & while our class was invited to watch our teacher said no, we had double bio instead. It was pretty much death.
***Almost got hit by lightening, I swear it was literally 6ft in front of me when it hit the ground - I will listen to my mom from now on when she tells me not to run b/c it will rain
***had a 8ounce steak for dinner :)

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