Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apparently I lowered everyone's morality mark

I was talking to a friend who dropped out of the IB program after pre-IB earlier this evening. His morality teacher is one of my track coaches and apparently after he (the teacher) and I had a talk during one of the meets he started marking harder.

During the meet he kind of asked about what I was learning in my ToK class (philosophy) and he revealed he barely had any idea who any of the people we studied were - granted the ToK class is different from the philosophy course offered by my school. I guess after our little talk he felt he was too easy on his class so he started marking harder - sorry guys.

***was 27C at 8:49pm so I decided I'm going to run in the morning - I hate 6am morning runs. The fact I'm not done reading the assigned pages of Manon des sources or done my genetics problem set questions yet sucks.

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