Sunday, May 9, 2010

Markham Women's 5k - Racing w/my mom

Happy Mother's Day

I know my mom had a great Mother's day - not only did my brother fly home in time for Mother's Day but she got to go yum cha, not to mention we did a 5k together this morning! Well I ran the 5k and she walked about 4k and ran about 1k - I'm so proud of my mommy. At first I think she agreed to do it b/c it would let us spend some time together but after today I think she's actually going to take up jogging/running and she wants to do this again next year! - well maybe the Yee-Hong one since w'll win!

Personally my race didn't go as planned - I think they forgot to post the kilometre markers till after the more serious runners were done b/c I don't recall any markers but my mom say she saw markers when she was walking (apparently she was at the 1k mark when I was at the 4k mark). I really wanted a sub 21 today but I ran a 21:16.6 - it could have been a sub 21 even with the horrible weather conditions (the first half, I felt like I was going to be blowen over and for the homestretch I was literally blown over - I actually swerved so far to the right b/c of the wind). I could have passed the girl in front of me if I knew exactly where the finish was - I was so fresh at the end. I guess I just have no idea how to run a 5k anymore after focusing on distance for the past while. - negative split, not sure of the pace b/c I couldn't see any markers.

Post race I met Mr. Mac's wife & daughter - his wife is really nice and her daughter is really cute. I found it hilarous b/c she seemed to know so much about me - makes me think I'm the focus of their dinner conversations (probably what not to do LOL). She knew about my hip, my knee, and the last races I did- kind of funny b/c my parents couldn't tell you any of this.

All in all, it was a great day w/my mom - we can now say we raced in the snow in May (only in Canada will it snow in May) TOGETHER.

My brother got me a "Miss Marc" Marc Jacobs bag - sorry but I kind of find it kind of ugly but I can't tell him this b/c he thinks it's the cutest thing ever. I'm not much of a "quirky" kind of person - I like classics, the money would have been better spent on buying me leather - I'll even take a pair of Asics over the bag. I do really really appreciate the thought though.
I didn't do the time trial I promised my coach about but I'll tell her 11:50 for 3k but I know I can run it faster than that b/c 2.5k according to the 5k time today (which isn't my fastest) is roughly 10:30 and I know I have enough in the tank to push further- I'm aiming for a 11:45 for a 3k but I don't know how it will go b/c I haven't gone to practice in the longest time.
Starting to freak for bio quest tomorrow - have kreb's cycle + glycolysis memorized but nothing else yet
Starting to freak for IB French on May 24 b/c that's 2 weeks! need to start reading an hour of french each day and writing compositions in my spare time

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