Monday, February 8, 2010

IT band is tight but I think I did a 8k PR

IT band is tight, stretched it last night with some yoga poses and it helped alot but I'm still tight. I expected my run today to be horrible but it was pretty sweet - I think I pr'ed for 8k b/c I ran with the club until roughly 2.5k and my watch said it was 3:17, I finished my run (10-11k) at 3:48 hence 31min for that 8kish run. I'm pretty surprised since I took it pretty light today with my IT band tight and all. I need to get back on track with my running, took some days off last week b/c my IT band was tight and I just wasn't feeling well - need to get back to training with the Southlake Half less than 3 months away.

Leafs vs. Sharks tonight!
Kadri got called up as well as Stalberg & Deveaux - haha Deveaux, will never forget the mental harm I pressed to him - me still thinks he can't look at an Asian girl without flinching
Go Leafs Go!

**** 11:11 we lost tonight, good try boys

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