Tuesday, March 2, 2010

la presentation francais

J'ai fait ma presentation francais aujourd'hui, j'ai fini! Je suis contente que j'aie presenté!
I have to say while I'm relieved I'm done I'm still so upset b/c I did 70%+ of the work, Vicky did 30%, and the last partner did nothing. As in 0%. Sure, she went out and brought some stuff but I could have done that. She attempted to write a script which consisted of her copy and pasting parts of our brouchure - no additonal research and not written in conversational tone. I had to rewrite the script within 24h and in that time period she kept on emailing me to send it to her - it's not my fault her script sucked so bad I had to rewrite it and why is it that she took 4 days to copy and paste and it's ok but I have to write an entire script in my 3rd language in 24h. My mom did more work than her. I love my mommy; she painted most if not all our poster/murals, made 30something paper boats, helped me make 50+ potatoe-haddock pancakes, a pie, & 25 crepes and b/c K doesn't want to pay for food and apparently thinks I should pay for all my parents offered to pay for the cost of feeding 25 people. Honestly my parents are amazing, not only did they have to let us use my house they had to feed my group (I still can't believe K came to my house that time without eating breakfast or lunch - what am I? a free food centre?). I honestly wanted to kill K today when she told me that she didn't know her lines yet for the puppet show, honestly she didn't do anything the whole project, is it too much to ask to memorize a few lines? She went to bed before 12, I went to bed at 5something in the morning. She didnt have to do anything but I spent the whole night cooking and didn't even get to practice my lines until 3am in the morning.

Anyways, I think our posters turned out quite well, I love my last minute idea of painting M. Homard - the mascot of Le Festival de Homard du Shediac. My sailboat on the poster above the classroom is a fail though, it looks rediculous but the ones my mom painted looked amazing. My christmas in the classroom was also a fair - some forest we had, 2 trees. - I think I'm going to ask Madame for the pictures of the presentation and post a few up.

I hate how I have the inability to be mean, anyone else would have already gone to the teacher and told her about the lack of work done by a partner but I sucked it up and carried onwards. I hate how we could potentially get the same mark even though I did most of the work. I hate this. I also hate how I could have not written her part so nicely, I could have made mistakes on purpose so she would mess up. Personally I don't need a script so I don't know why I was so nice as to write one when I didn't need one for myself - why did I put myself through so much stress and work when it wasn't needed?I need to put my foot down and stop being so nice.

Must go finish ToK presentation & do my math hw....

***so scared, didn't really eat today
-too nervous to eat breakfast
-too nervous + no time to eat lunch
-ate 3 potatoe pancakes + bits of pie crust during presentation
-little pasta w/mushrooms + shrimp when I got up from my much needed 6h nap
-pastry thing

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