Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Other Hip - Reason of the Slump

I think I now know why I've been in the slump for the last 2 weeks (for running), today I actually paid attention to every stride I took and I realized my left hip felt like my right hip in late Oct when I had popped my hip flexor. Looking back I think when I was doing squats I think I felt something pull out of place but I dismissed it b/c it wasn't painful and didn't really bother me but as with most injuries they worsen with time and now, roughly 2 weeks later I'm feeling the full effects (well not full effects b/c if I remember correctly, it's going to be worst). At least I now know what is going on with my running. One of my bones in my left hip feels detached from the rest of my body - going to have to see if I can fit in an appointment with a chiropractor (I feel bad though b/c that's another expense placed on my parents)

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