Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Un-Needed Rest is Horrible

Since my knees are missing pieces of skin as well as my elbow and hand I haven't ran since my 50m on Sunday and it's killing me. I don't care but I have to run tomorrow - I was going to try for a run today but it was raining & snowing and I was told not to get any of my wounds wet in case of bacteria/infections - apparently if either one occurs in my left elbow or left knee I'm in big trouble. I wish I could at least do some core work or squats but that requires some excessive bending and that hurts like hell right now.

I need to run so bad, with all the stuff this week I'm so stressed and the only way to unstress is by running. I have a ToK test tomorrow & a bio lab:S. Thursday is going to be even worst, have to get to school by 7:30 to start writing my bio quest since my French oral is at 9:00-9:15 (during 1st) so inorder to have time to finish my quest I have to get to school really early, I have also have the toK presentation, and a math test that day - 4/4 evaluations:S.

I'm so scared for my French oral, my teacher has a really weird accent (cross b/w quebecois & english) so I can't understand her and 2/3 of the oral is a conversation. I really really hope mine doesn't get sent to the IBO. As of this moment I'm not even done writing my scripted part however the stuff I have written is decent enough and I can just say it - I really hope I get a 6 for French (and a 6 for math).

My ToK presentation is going to be awesome, we're doing a Philsopher's AA with Kant, Hume, Descates, Locke, & Spinoza (ME!) where we kind of discuss our beliefs (as our philosopher) and we bring in aspects of their life - it's really quirky and cute. I hope we get a 90 on it :)

Kind of disappointed in myself about the bio test that we got back, I didn't even make the 70 mark - I'm like.5% off - I knew the stuff but I made so many stupid mistakes like switch up Na & K for the protein pump (0/6) - honestly in 2 questions I went from a 80 to a 69% - it sucks. I did really well in multiple choice but my teacher is really strict on SA. Well I'm learning a lot in that class at least - I'm going to try to kick ass on the quest on Thurs - our group got everything right on the first try in the review activity we did in class today:)

***listening to l'invasione degli omini verd - great Italian rock band
***French oral topic = Brigitte Bardot

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