Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sometimes I'm Just Ashamed to be Canadian

Generally speaking I love being Canadian but sometimes I'm ashamed to be Canadian - don't get me wrong, I love my country but sometimes the idiots who run it make me want to hide in a hold and ever come out - or in this case, head into Plato's Cave and never come out.

Earlier on, the Canadian PM, Steve Harper, put Parliament into progrogation - he ended the session of Parliament and gave it a long vacation under the premise that the government needed time to time to work on the next phrase of the economic plan. In reality Harper prorogued the government to avoid further inquiries into the allegations of torture of Afghan detainees - in 2007 the Canadian military knowingly aided in the torture of Afghan detainees. Not only did they knowingly aid in such a disgusting act they also lied to Canadians about the participation - they denied knowledge of this occurring and the occurrence of this in the House of Commons. This is absolutely disgusting and just horrible - by doing this the government has just tarnished the its international reputation not to mention it is just inhumane. The government of Canada lied to its citizens without a care, what else are they lying about? I have no faith whatsoever with my government right now and I am just so ashamed of them. This Harper government plays a mean dirty game of politics, they prorogued parliament until after the Olympics so Canadians would forget about their horrendous actions, not to mention Harper was in the right photo -ops during the Olymics to gain support of the Canadians who don't follow politics.

I am also ashamed of how ignorant the majority of Canadians are, post Olympics, Harper was leading in the polls - he hasn't done anything yet he leads. They allowed themselves to be swayed by Harper's photo-ops, do they not remember Harper and his government LIED to them and KNOWINGLY TORTURED Afghan detainees? It is disgusting to me that Canadians let themselves be sheep - people keep saying how Canada is a world player but if my country is a world player we have to start acting with maturity and with grace. My government is disgusting right now and it saddens me to see our international reputation be soiled after the hard work of people such as Romeo Dallaire & Leaster B Pearson & Pierre Trudeau.

People need to remember, being Canadian isn't just about beer, hockey, beaver tails, &etc but it's also about being a peacekeeper (not peacemaker), helping those in need, providing an opportunity to life, and withholding the rights to life.

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