Thursday, March 25, 2010

Failed 3/4

Ah Mon Dieu! C'est fini!

Bio Quest - let's not talk about it, it was bad and the fact my french oral was cut my time short makes it worst

Orale Francais - in the speech part I failed, I stuttered, paused, & repeated myself. I have never done this bad, it went well until I started talking about the controversies surrounding Brigitte Bardot where I forgot how to say sexual harassment in french and from then onwards it went downhill b/c I started to freak out and hyperventilate - you can hear my shaking.

The conversation part went rather well since I was able to ask her questions and there was no delay in my answers but for some reason I wasn't able to remember the word for "answer" so instead of saying, "dans le club de "reach for the top" on doit donner une response à beaucoup des questions" I went the long way and said a bunch of stuff, "l'objectif de le club de "reach for the top" et respondre les questions". I was kind of surprised at how smoothly the conversation went - I didn't need to translate anything from english to french or from french to english; it just flowed.

ToK Presentation: It was extremely cute and Hallarn loved it, line of the day:
Spinoza: You're just jealous the part of God in my body is more beautiful than the part of God in yours

Math Quiz - failed. I missed up singular matrix & non singular matrix and I messed up #3b. arg. not good.

Going to bed early tonight after only 45min last night, bio lab this weekend & must do italian band assignment for class on Sat.

***woke up at 7/8 pm, went for run at 8, came home at 9
so exhausted

***Fun Side Note:
my friend J.L. came home from HK last night, oral today, he was dead sick so he wore a Asian mask to school, did his oral then went home - laughed so hard when I saw him in his mask. Thankfully I went before him so I didn't get his germs from the mic.

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