Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I really need to get over it

Yeah more ranting about K (the partner who didn't do anything), so today V and I decided we would donante the left over stickers + beads from our project to the hospital b/c they are short on supplies - it's not like we're going to use them anyways. K asked if she could have them, I'm like err you didn't pay me for them and are you really going to make me sort stickers and beads into a 1:2 ratio? I don't have the time to do that not to mention when she asked if she could have them the way she asked was like could she have all of them. I mean it's like 6$ each person, is it really that hard to donate 6$ to make kids with cancer happy? If she was having money issues I wouldn't mind but I doubt she is and really, are you going to make me sort out stickers and beads when I don't even get 5h of sleep each night? She acts of if I'm rich and it's my duty to pay for everything, like I mentioned previously, my parents offered to pay for the food. K didn't thank my parents or show any gratiude - she acted as if it was my responsibility to pay for everything. Actually, at my house in my living, earlier on, when I said the cost of food must be split into 3 she asked "why?" and hinted or actually said that I should pay b/c I covered the section "La norriture d'Acadie" -I'm pretty sure she said I should pay but I can't remember so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she only asked "why?" Like are you serious? I'm not an ATM - haha now I know how my dad feels. I really really really need to get over this and move on, it's not healthy or productive for me - the way she treats me and the project itself was so stressful my running was horrible last week; at one pt. last week I felt like running was robotic for me and I no longer enjoy it....

However, now that the project is over and I no longer stress out during my runs I actually PR'ed today:) surprisingly, I felt like I was running slow but my final time for 11k was 47:58:38 - I think my long runs are a faster pace but I think my 11k base route has more hilly parts. I think this PR was due to my attire - I broke out the tshirt today. Ya, that's right, I wore shorts& tshirt (loving TO weather though I'm scared for the polar bears simply of all this global warming - it's not normal for Canada to be 3C in March - early Marc). It was kind of funny b/c I downloaded "I believe" and some stuff by Quebec artist, Marie-Mai and I was just belting out the lyrics and cars were driving slower as if they wanted to know if I was really wearing shorts & tshirt.

I'm so upset with myself, I got my ToK paper back today and I basically failed communication - 7.5/10. My knowledge was 18.5/20 so if you really think about it I got a 92.5% but lost the rest of the marks b/c I can't write properly - this really upsets me b/c I'm a predicted high 5 low 6 for IB HL English....I guess outside of English class I can't write or communicate my thoughts.

-Poni got traded for Caputi & 5th (well Caputi & some guy but that guy got traded for a 5th draft pick)
-Stemp. got traded for a 4th & 7th draft pick
-Joey Mac for 7th draft pick (personally I think he's worth more than a 7th)
will miss Poni the most.

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