Sunday, March 21, 2010

I guess I won't be making it to the top @ Southlake

Some stupid idiot threw a huge sheet of cardboard a few weeks ago on Woodbine and I tripped over it today. Thanks a lot, I now have huge pieces of skins missing from my knees, elbow, and hand. I can't stand straight, or walk properly, much less run. I'm going to have to take a few days off from running and wait for it to heal a bit b/c I can't bend my knees and my sport is basically all about bending my knees. Not only that but lifting is out of question as my hand is missing pieces of skin as well as my elbow and I have issues bending it right now. Rowing, cycling & etc are out of question too as I can't bend my knees. I can't run and I can't do anything to cross train in the meantime. What a great time to be injured; the Southlake Half is next month and I need every single long run, tempo run, hill workout, speed workout &etc that I can fit in but now I can't even walk. This idiot better not meet me in person b/c I will take his head off, that is how pissed I am right now. I had a huge chance of becoming the top F15-19 in the half marathon in my province next month but now, if I can even move up a spot I will be terribly happy. I'm just disgusted that someone would leave such a huge piece of cardboard on a sidewalk, how stupid can you be? Honestly, I wish he/she would trip over that piece of cardboard too and sustain injuries worst than mine. Well at least I left a mark on my town - a physical mark, a ton of blood on cement - the vampires should be happy.

I sound so lame and weak, just b/c of scratches (well huge ones) I need to take time of? I ran 18k with something in my hip popped out. I did a season with shin splints. I run in -8C in shorts. The difference is I can't bend my knees or my arm. I'm just so upset, I was counting on the Southlake to bring me good results but now, there's not enough time to train for it properly and to be in the best shape I can be. I was supposed to start hills, speed, and some prelim. steeplechase training this week but that's not going to happen thanks to some idiot. Not only is my road season affected but my track one is too.

***would like to thank the woman and her husband who drove me home and helped me clean my injuries, restored my faith in humanity

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