Friday, March 26, 2010

How do people recognize me when I'm running

I dropped by my coach's office at the end of the school day (weekend!) when one of the guys from my XC team told me he saw me running last week when he was driving. I was really surprised since I'm not remotely close to this guy not to mention I didn't even think he knew my name - the big question is how did he recognize me and know it was me? Do I really run so slow that he can see me clearly and have time to match a face to a name? I mean if he knew where as I live that could mean he's good with association of place and people but as I mentioned, we're not close at all.

He's not the first person to have seen me running and comment but his comment today just reminded me of how many times I get comments like his "I saw you running the other day" - apparently my aunt sees me a couple of times a week (not surprising since Aunt H lives in my complex though on the other end), one of my VPs have seen me many times, I've had many friends tell me that they saw me running (one of my friends' mom saw me running and she has never even met me before). It's crazy of how many people tell me this.

Though I must admit my cousin A has never been able to recognize me - she drives and sees some "crazy asian girl wearing extremely short shorts running" and tells my dad about it - my dad then tells her it was probably me (which it was). She now thinks every asian girl wearing short shorts in my area and running is me (as does her brother).

***going to see Bounty Hunter tomorrow (most likely) since we have a "relatively free" weekend - other than my italian paper and huge bio assignment
***didn't fail math test though I didn't do well

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