Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trip Down to Iqaluit

We went down to Iqaluit yesterday - well not really, we actually went to downtown TO. It was one of funniest days I've had in a while - the sun, laughter, jokes &etc just made my day.

We started off on the subway where we somehow managed to miss our stop at Bloor (I think it was Bloor at least) so we just coasted our way to Union where we wandered around the Waterfront. Let's just say playing "I Spy" with K & J is pretty amusing. We also took pictures of things that looked like letters and the only thing we managed to spell was "Iqaluit" hence we now call downtown TO "Iqaluit". We had wanted to go on the tourist double decker buses and pretend to be a tourist rather than a native but there were no buses available yesterday as it was Good Friday - we would make rather awful Christians now that I think about it (I believe in God but I don't have a religion - kind of what Kierkegaard believes). Wish the bike rentals on the Island were open - would have loved to head there and just chill.

Onwards we trotted down Queen's Quay to Spadina to head to Chinatown so I could stop by one of my favourite Asian bakeries and buy some Napoleon for my mommy. After a pit stop to drop it off at my dad's - where he didn't recognize J at all - we continued onwards to Kensington Market. We didn't really chill out there - only store we went into was a hat store- but we did have dinner there. We stopped at this cute little cafe/diner restaurant for sandwiches, fries, and salad. The food wasn't bad - it was rather good considering where it was - the montreal smoked meat sandwich I had was pretty tasty, normally I hate mustard but it made the sandwich pretty good in my opinion. The fries were the homecut ones and yum:) they were good - felt guilty for eating all that grease though.

Onwards we caught the bus to end over to the streetcar stop on Spadina & Queens Quay to head over to the Rioch for the game. We were there rather early since we still needed to buy tickets and we were too tired to wander around the city anymore - was rather suprised by how many people were 1.5h early.

Section116 Row C - rather decent seats other than the fact we had some teenage kid 1-2 years younger than us who was such an attention whore sitting behind us - he was dancing really strangely when music came on, he kept commenting about J's phone, "the girl with the sunglasses on top of her head" (me), the game (he made mean & strange comments) and just a load of other stuff - it was REALLY annoying. He thought he was cool. yeah right. Duke the Dog - the mascot for the Marlies is such a perve, I thought he was cute so I asked for a photo. He was still cute when we took the photo and when he told me I was pretty in his dog sign language and when he hugged me but he became a perve in my eyes when he started to rub my back in a too friendly way - oh well. I guess as a dog he couldn't keep his paws to himself.

I'm just happy we didn't loose 0-7 this time but rather 3-1 (in favour of the Manitoba Moose). TO has great sport teams ! LOL. during the game some people actually stopped chanting "Let's go Marlies Let's Go" but started a new chant, "Let's Fire Eakins (the coach)". It was rather hilarious -to this I added Wilson of the Leafs should be fired too - that guy isn't the best coach from what I can see.

During the game, intermission we kept texting J's bf from her phone - making sexy, suggestive comments and he thought it was her the whole time. I feel bad now, we got him all excited for nothing - he has such a dirty mind! I felt even worst when I realized there was a cute little kid sitting behind us - he heard all our comments regarding sex, masturbation, ____jobs &etc.

I am very proud of myself - I didn't make any comments regarding how sexy the player's butts are - or how sexy their legs are - I find it funny how I have a "no athletes rule" yet I can't help but look - I have a strong butt/strong let fetish, nothing is sexier than strong muscular thighs. Though when #4 did the whole stretch thing with the stick behind his back I couldn't help but smirk a bit - but the stretch was kind of ruined by how pre game K was like #4 looks like a demon - he did with all his focus on the net. I think the people sitting next to us thought we were puck sluts b/c we were commenting on which guys were cute - they kept looking at us funny before moving away from us..

***Quotes of the Day***
-Death to the Douches (J's mom)
-Fire Eakins
-Something black & lacy
-Chocolate or Whipped Cream
-I spy with my eyes something that is brown (it turned out to be J's birthmark)

***still need to find some time to write my rant on Ann Coulter

***Delusional Leafs fan - you have to watch his video - what a champ

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