Friday, April 9, 2010

Got to go with Spinoza

Normally I am a Voltaire girl - "I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to death your right to say it" but after an incident on my last blog where a white surpremist left me a slug of comments which I started to find really offensive to my background I am now a Spinoza girl - "Everyone has the right to an opinion, but no on has the right to be wrong about the fact that opinion is based". At first I didn't have any issues with the fact the poster's comments were slightly offensive b/c I was interested in what he was saying but after a while, it got pretty offensive - he was literally attacking my culture and background. I dont think I've blocked anyone before but now I have. (this is from my xanga blog)

Moving onwards, was my friend's sexy 17th birthday so we headed over to Baton Rouge for dinner. My burger was awesome, baked beans were soo yummy and the fries that I jacked were great. 4/5 - waiters were a bit snobby.
**R: OOO I want a cake like that
**everyone else: that is your cake!

Bio Lab:
-had to get to school by 7am arg.
-we cooked the liver by accident - we were supposed to heat it to 25C but we kind of forgot about it and cooked part of it by accident, such geniusness
-getting the liver out of the test tubes after it has been soaked with hydrogen peroxide is nasty and guess who had to do that? me. excellent. ew.

Speed work:
800 warmup
4x400 1:26 each (roughly) - could be faster, wind was a nasty cunt - expected 1:18 or less so disappointment
but long run was better than expected b/c of how stiff I still am from lifting

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