Friday, April 16, 2010

I need more time in a day

Since I skipped my run Tues I needed to do a double today but I slept through the "appropriate" time for running, woke up at 9 and my parents starting yelling about how dangerous it is to run at 9 - I find this hilarious and upsetting b/c during the summer I had some runs at 11 at night. B/c of this I need to do a morning run at 6am and an evening run at 6pm tomorrow - so I can have enough recovery time for my last long run before the half (next week!).

My thighs are still sore from my triple workout on Wed - weightroom, track, long run - arg. But they're not as bad as yesterday; I could barely walk yesterday. I hate how some people seem to think running is such an easy sport (namely the guy rugby players, drivers, & cyclist (I once heard one tell his friend that they were faster than me, I would hope so considering you're on wheels)). Running isn't just about running, it's about the number of k you run a week, how fast you can run, and building up the less used muscles to balance the body. It takes time and effort - especially those double workouts & speed work (I hate speedwork). Running is such a mentality sport I'll sometimes be fine physically after a hard workout but mentally I'm falling apart - I need to work on my picturing & visioning skills for racing. I need to be able to convince myself I CAN get to the top and own the rankings b/c physically I should be at least in the top 5 but mentally I'm not doing so well do to recent injuries (shin splints, that fall a few weeks ago) and that slump.

I need more time in a day, not only do I need more time to dedicate to running but I need more time for schoolwork. As of right now I have an italian dialect essay due tomorrow (which will need to be presented to the class - need to work to get rid of that heavy french accent) & an italian test on the history of italian opera & the future tense. I also need to work on that Italian oral. I have until 4am in the morning to get all this done (I haven't started anything yet) so I can get a 2h nap before my run. I need more time in a day.

I have my weekend all planned out, Saturday is dedicated to finishing all the math revision packs I haven't finished and to relearn statistics, probability, & integration. Sunday I have to rewrite those exams from Jan & do the practice exam for math. I also need to find time to hardcore study for the bio test on Wed - I just love translation & transcription of DNA. I need some time to take back and chill but with the math exams in less than 3 weeks I really need to buckle down and spend literally every single waking minute studying for it.

If only a day had 28h in it, that would make my life so much easier - as long as no more time is spent in french class - love the language but I hate sitting in the classroom - french trip on Wed! we're heading to see a play then lunch at Le Marché Richtree - amazing food.

***Excited for track season - we're actually heading to invitationals this year, instead of 1 track meet (no exclusive I'll make it to Centrals & OFSAA) we are heading to 3:). I'm kind of excited but not really, I hate the shorter distances but at the same time it's cool to see the pro people run. I really want to make Centrals & OFSAA this year but I don't think I will be able to - unlike with the longer distances, middle distance is really hard for me as I have to run fast. Hoping the 3000 and the steeplechase will get me to Centrals and we'll see from there. Track meets this year is the death of me, I have to miss a bio trip for the 3000, if I make Centrals I have to skip the Sudbury trip and if I make OFSAA i have to skip UNYCA - but then since I probably won't be making Centrals or OFSAA this year I can relax.

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