Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cardinal Carter Track Invitational

Kind of pissed at my dad right now, during the ride home he was trying to hand me tips about my race. He only saw the last 300 - from after I was passed by 2 other girls. During the ride he asked why I didn't win my heat and when I told him my split times he told me I shouldnt' have looked at my watch and should have followed the girl in front of me I WAS THE LEAD GIRL FOR MOST OF THE RACE. He then went on to say I shouldn't have slowed down after the 1st lap (I know I shouldn't have slowed down but at the time it seemed right to slow down) - he doesn't understand I need to avoid the chances of getting burned out too early - I didn't want to make the same mistake everyone does, not to mention I'm a DISTANCE runner (real distance) so I accelerate as I run. He has never ran more than 400 from when he and I used to race with my brother when we were little, he doesn't follow running or anything related to running so I don't see how he can give me tips when he doesn't understand the concept at all. I hate how he thinks he's always right but he isn't. I think I would know more about running than him; since I race and all.

I hate the waiting game, I'm currently still waiting for the results of the 1500 to be posted - I left York less than 5 min after my race so I have no idea what I placed or what my time is.

I am so mad at myself, this was not a good race. I ran a 5:23 1500 yesterday so I should have started with Heat 1 but I didn't b/c I wasn't sure if I could run that again and those girls looked so pro - they looked like they can run it under 5. I was boxed in for about 200m until I decided I couldn't race like that so I popped out onto lane 2 or 3 and made my way up - I did not plan it out well, I ended up moving up on the curve which is not good. My first lap was faster than I expected, I ran it in 1:21 so I made myself slow down even though my body could have continued at that pace. My 2nd lap was a 1:34 - a little slower than my target time. Last lap was a 1:29 which was pretty much dead on target but I gave up the lead on the last 300m of the race. I wasn't sure when to start sprinting and with about 300m to go 2 girls passed me, as they passed me I realized I should start sprinting but it was already a bit too late - my final sprint wasn't as powerful as I wanted and I hadn't reached my max. pt yet when I got to the finish line. I think my problem was I had such a huge lead in the beginning I had no idea where the other girls were coming in at.

I'm not sure what my time is but I think I might have beat some girls in heat 1 - I kind of wish I ran in heat 1 so I could be pushed to my max which I wasn't today. I really want to know my time but it's still not posted yet online. If I didn't beat any girls in the first heat I think I'm 18 out of approx 45 - I think there was around 3-4 heats of 15 girls so I guess that's not too bad but not the best I can do.

Sidenote, my friend, Jaime C, came in 7/34 for 100mH - so proud of him, damm you club kids
***taxi driver who drove us to the meet drove soo slow and took the longest route, not to mention he was late so I couldn't nap before my race
***on one of the washroom trips I made, as I entered, I heard someone say "there's an Asian here!" - it was mostly white & African Canadians today - I was 1/2 of the Asian girls who ran the 1500

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