Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring for Green!

Took the day off school today b/c I had breathing issues last night due to my stuffy nose - thought it would be better to take the time for a speedy recovery to become speedy - corny I know. This sick day was pretty sweet I have to say. I made my parents take me to the local Running Room so I could grab up some 5mm spikes since my current ones for XC are 6mm - for track it's a max of 5mm (6.99 not including tax! so expensive). Onwards I trekked to the mall which was 1 min away where I grabbed a "feel better soon" present for mysel: 2 bottles of OPI (10$ a bottle but they had a buy one get one 50% promotion going on). I really wanted another bottle. During an attempt to study for bio I painted my toes since it's a pre race ritual for me to paint my toes the week of a race - such a pretty green colour though I am a failure at painting my toes - I was completely over the lines and just sloppy. - as I read this paragraph I can't help but think my brain really isn't working b/c the writing style is of a 2 year old.

http://joeythegenie.xanga.com/725741466/spring-for-green/ (original post)

***was able to managed a 5k yesterday
will do standard 11k today
15k tomorrow
11k Thurs
Rest Fri
5k Sat

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