Monday, April 5, 2010

I Hate Telling People what I'm Ranked

One of my friends and running buddies is at UBC right now and she messaged me tonight asking me if I was going to run the Sporting Life 10k this year (which I am). We then drifting to talk about half marathons, she asked me my time and told me the time her friend recently ran - from there I told her what her friend would be ranked in Ontario for F15-19, top 50. She then proceeded to ask me what my rank is, I really didn't want to tell her b/c it seems like I'm bragging which I am not, not to mention the time for the one and only half I've ran so far isn't all that great (in my mind). I'm happy about what I'm ranked in the province for F15-19 but I know I can move further up the ladder, I hate telling people what I'm ranked b/c they expect me to move up and be there at the top and this just gives me the pressure to run faster when really I want run b/c I love it (of course being the top would be nice).

Moving onwards, she told me how great UBC is for running and how much she thinks I will enjoy the Vancouver campus - I think she's right, I will enjoy it if I were to go there. I'm probably going to major either in Kine. or Business (with minors in French, Finance, Econ. maybe) and b/c IB has made my gr 11 marks so low I'm not getting into York Schulich for Business, U of T Rotman, or Queens so I'm probably going to end up at UBC of McGill (business at McGill isn't that great but I love the fact it's in a french speaking area). But if I drop IB I can probably get all high 90s and get myself into the above mentioned schools, only thing is their campuses/athletics don't do anything for me - but then I'm not at the level where I can continue to run and do well so I really shouldn't care about the athletic level of the school.

***must finish the bio questions, drawing of the replication of DNA
***Finished all definitions for the BIO ISU!
***Math review!!!!

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