Saturday, April 24, 2010

There are some damn crazy hockey fans out there

I still can't believe he killed b/c of the Ottawa vs. Pens thing - rooting for the Pens now that my babies, the Leafs, didn't make it. Rooting for SJS, Van, & Pit. I can't stand the Sens or the Habs - they can not win, especially the Habs. As much as I personally don't like Crosby - he's too much of a poster boy, not doing too much during the whole Olympics tournament and scoring the tournament winning goal is too story perfect for me, not to mention the number of fan girls he has is scary (I also find his huge butt kind of a turn off not to mention he's not hot at all) - I have to admit he's a great player. Scoring 51 goals isn't easy and it just shows the amount of skill he has - very happy Stamoks shared the award and Ovechkin didn't win - got to root for the Canadian boys! Enough with the hockey ramble - Caps losing to the Habs last night shocked me though.

I had my Italian oral today and I totally did not expect to do it today - I had wanted to do it this week but b/c I was sick and studied non-stop for bio (when I wasn't passed out) I didn't write anything for the oral during the week. I thought the final date of the oral for everyone would be next week so I showed up to class (late) with nothing written and with no knowledge on what I wanted my oral to be based on.

Decided to base it on the sports popular with Canadian-Italian teens and I actually wrote it within 45 min - around a 4 minute speech - with only a little help from the dictionary. I basically did the thought process in French and translated to Italian - I really wish I have a French-Italian dictionary. It didn't turn out too bad - the grammar and vocabulary wasn't as sophisticated as I wanted it and I didn't get to inject any idiomatic expressions but overall it was actually pretty decent in my mind. I actually had it memorized pretty well - well not dead on memorized since I don't do memorization - I just memorized the order of the points and I kind of summarized them in order - the vocabulary and grammar was simple enough that I could kind of make it up on the spot since I have issues with memorization. My teacher was very surprised I was able to get it done and how smoothly the speech part went - the questioning part, it didn't go so well. I understood the questions but I had some issues with replying - my speech in Italian isn't all that great not to mention I have a very heavy french accent.

Racing tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'm ready - my nose needs to be blown every once in a while still, and I'm still coughing a bit. Hopefully I will be 100% well by tomorrow. I just want to finish, that is my goal tomorrow - if it were not for the circumstances I would say finish at the top but that is not going to happen now. Mais comme les Francais disent, "c'est la vie". - also not sure if the 15k I did last night was wise, I usually take the day 2 days before a race off and do a 5k the next but I really had to make sure I could run over 10k so I did a 15k last night, got a 5k today.....

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