Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Relationship With Early Morning Runs

I have a love/hate relationship with early morning runs - if I can help it I try to run in the early to late evening and even at night rather than in the early morning.

-cool, lower temperatures - I am the type of person who runs in shorts at -8C, clearly evident that I HATE the heat
-get it over and done with so I don't need to plan my day around it - I don't know how many times I've ditched my friends to go home early and run
-less cars - I hate cars, in the battle b/w runners & cars the cars are winning simply b/c they are bigger and faster, some people should not be allowed to drive; they are horrible drivers who don't stop after they break a ton of rules and narrowly miss killing me
-can strip off my shirt and have less cat calls and drivers who don't have their hands on their steering wheel b/c they want to have a peek - sorry but I don't have boobs
-lower UVA/UVB rays
-imitate race day conditions

-have to get up early
-need to remember to carb load the night before
-need to force down something into my system early in the morning when I don't have an appetite to eat, much less try to shove down enough carbs, calories to last 23k+ (my morning runs are almost all long runs - I can do a 11k in warm weather but absolutely not a 23k+)
-nowhere to stop for water if I become dehydrated during the run (I normally stop at friends' houses but I'm not going to wake them at 7:30 in the morning just b/c I'm thristy)
-people walking their dogs, the dogs think chasing me is fun
-the cyclists who think they're soo cool b/c they're travelling faster than me - you're supposed to travel faster than me considering you're on wheels
-must rush b/c I have piano at 11am on Sundays
-muscles aren't warmed out yet so I'm more likely to pull or injure something

I went out for a 23.7k+ this morning, uptil 18.5k I was actually on pace for a PR but then I ran out of fuel and had to jog the way home - I was almost 30min late for my piano lesson and almost fainted during it. It was so scary, I wasn't able to eat before it b/c my stomach closes up when I run so I had chugged gateorade (yuck) to force some carbs into my body but it wasn't enough, everything started to spin and turn fuzzy, plus, I couldn't hear. I've never had this happen to me, I was so freaked.

When I got home my mom forced some ribs into me before she let me sleep, had some mac in soup at around 5pm after my nap and now I feel alot better. Hopefully April 18 is cooler so I don't have to do a morning run. I can't believe how close the SouthLake Half is -
April 11 - no long run
April 18- last long run, rest week (meaning I skip speedwork/hills and I take Friday off, Sat is only 5k)
April 25 - Race Day

Hoping for a Sub 1:38 - or even lower.....

BIO ISU is killing me
so is my math review

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