Monday, April 19, 2010

if only I were Teyba Erkesso

Left after ToK, I was basically dying in class - not a coherent thought in my mind. I feel like crap right now, stuffy nose and a slight fever. I am not running that last long run today (hopefully tomorrow, tomorrow is the last day I can do a long run and be in prime condition to race on Sunday), hopefully I'll be able to muster some kind of energy to do at least a standard 11k but even walking from ToK to the office left me exhausted. I feel so bad for Jimmy (a classmate) b/c I took K's seat today and I literally turned around and slept on Jimmy's desk b/c I couldn't keep my head up. I feel like crap.

On the brightside, b/c I came home early, I was able to watch the finish of the Boston Marathon - I wish I could run like Teyba Erkesso. At one point she had a 2 min lead! wow. If only I could run that fast - my goal is to make it to Boston on my first try - which isn't impossible since the qualifying time is 3:40 for W18. I hope I can pull off a fast time on Sunday but right now, even finishing sounds amazing to my extremely stuffy nose and exhausted body. I have no desire to eat or do anything whatsoever.

Need to somehow get the engery to study for that bio test.

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