Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cibo in Little Italy

Trip down to Little Itay, downtown Toronto with my Italian class today! Other than the fact the bus was 1h late the trip went by pretty smoothly.

Prazo a Capitol Trattoria Pizzeria

Rating: 4/5
My friends and I got to the restaurant a bit late so I didn't really get to look at the menu before ordering but upon looking up the menu online my mouth is watering just thinking about the stuff I'm going to get when I go back.
We prepaid for the trip beforehand and the deal the teachers made called for pizza for lunch - before you cringe and think about the soggy, greasy, pizza from the generic places come Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, & Pizza Nova, take a deep breathe and refocus. I ordered a Margheritta (first pizza on the menu) which normally calls for tomato sauce, mozzarella, e oregano but b/c I don't eat cheese I requested a no-cheese pizza which was granted - they were very accommodating to my wishes.

I quite enjoyed my very plain but very delicious Margheritta - I love the crispy thing crust and the tomatoy flavour of the sauce and there was just the right amount of oregano. I haven't touched pizza in around 3 years (since a rather unfortunate experience at the caf) but I loved my experience today - I am definately heading back to Capitol for more pizza.

Post pizza, we actually had dessert at Capitol which really surprised me b/c we paid 20-25$ (can't remember exact price) for the trip and I know for a fact the cost of busing was 12$+ (school buses are expensive). The apple pie they gave us wasn't the best - it would have been amazing had it been warm but I did love the fact the apples were not soggy but rather sweet, slightly tart, and munchable (is this even a word?).

Overall Capitol Trattoria Pizzeria is a 4/5 - loved the pizza and I thought the restaurant was very accommodating as they had closed it down for us, not to mention they granted my no cheese pizza request. I am absolutely going back there again - can't wait to take my friends there.

Dolce Gelato
What's an Italian theme trip w/out some GELATO? (well gelati since we're using plural)
I forgot to take pictures but my experience at Dolce Gelato was amazing. I wanted a scoop of every single flavour - it all looked so good! but I couldn't since my stomach & wallet weren't big enough. After eye raping every single flavour I settled a scoop of limone - it was amazing. It was sweet, tart, smooth, rich, and just pure lemonly - I love the taste of lemons. It was such a clean, crisp, springy flavour. Yum. Io amo gelato! I absolutely loved my experience at Dolce Gelato - the guy serving me my ice cream was kind of cute which helped but the woman there was just so cute as she took in my excitment over gelato. This was my first experience with gelato and I am so happy it was at Dolce Gelato

Capitol Trattoria Pizzeria
597 College St.
Toronto, ON M6G 1B5
Tel: (416) 534-2942

Dolce Geltao
697 College Street
Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-915-0756

***also bought my mommy some kind of rolled spreadsheet cake with chocolate filling - it's amazing - not sure what it was though
***as I was leaving Dolce Gelato I called back, "I will be back" and guess what? I"m looking forward to my next visit already!
***I wanted to buy a pint of gelato to take home but I was scared it would melt - but next time I'm totally buying myself a pint of limone and just eating it out of the tube

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