Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Standard Protocol: Lane One for Runners

I just had one of the better days of my life today, the bio test was EASY. Easiest test I've written all year:). It does suck that I somehow managed to miss some of the questions (2) for the assignment which means I have .5 off for each and I managed to somehow do questions that didn't need to be done - can we say I had a blonde moment?

I'm a little behind for the math reviews but I'm going to spend all weekend studying for that bio test & the math exams - so scared about the math exams. I can't believe my IB math exams are 3 weeks away - need to buckle down and STUDY.

Went to track practice today, full practice though I have to admit I was late (but I have a good excuse; I stopped by the weight room for a quick workout first).
2x400 warmup
4x400 steady pace (I'm guessing 4:45/4:40/k pace)
1x800 - 2:59, yeah it's really slow. I was boxed in for maybe the first half lap, my split was negative, and I had so much energy left but it's understandable since this is the first 800 in a long time and I'm not sure how to run it
1x400 warmup after stretching
3x400 -1:21, 1:25, 1:27, could have been been faster but I was trying to get steady times for each, my back stretch was fast, had so much energy left in me
Got to run 11k in about 15 min - just enough time to finish blogging & have a 12 min nap

-some rugby guys were walking on the inside lanes (lane 1) during warmup today and I told them to get onto the outside lanes if they were going to walk (standard track protocol), they then proceeded to tell me,"f**k you" to which I replied, "why don't you f**k yourself" before running away (simply b/c they were traveling too slow for me to continue the talk). As I passed them again on my 2nd lap they stepped into lane 1 on purpose to piss me off - honestly, you play rugby, you don't need lane one so why are you hogging it? It's standard protocol. Guys like this are such douches
-I love it when Gr 12 guys randomly come up and say stuff like "whaddup" to me - I always wonder why they do so since I don't know them....

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