Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Proud of Myself! Went to Track Practice

ednesday, 07 April 2010

Proud of Myself, I went to Track Practice!
Yeah! I'm so proud of myself, I actually went to track practice today. Well, I only stayed for 20min but that was enough time to warm up and do 2x400 - we weren't timed today so I'm not sure what I ran but I think it was decent b/c the 1st lap I was only a few s if even behind Kir. who is an extremely fast 400 person. My 2nd lap was faster since I had started to focus but I think I could have pushed way hard - the pace I went at, I think I could have done a 800 in.

I don't think the coach, Russell, is very impressed with me - I didn't get any of the warm up drills since I have no eye hand coordination and long distance runners don't usually do these drills. I'm excited to see what Coach R has instock b/c he's from York Track so he probably has some tips even though he does decathlon.

I slept through my 11k running time so I have to either do a double or a long run tomorrow - probably a double b/c it's going to rain and I hate doing a long in the rain - my long run has segments in grass b/c I'm running along a hwy. I hate running on muddy grass.

No school b/c gr 10s have OSSLT and I don't plan on going to school for 2 periods
Upon googling Russell, he was one of Canada's top decathlon/pentathlon guys!
My mommy bought me a easter bunny (since they're on sale now) and he's bad out of recycled plastic water bottles! he's so soft and cuddly
Saw an old friend today, he was at my school for a badminton tournment (we hosted) - he's a beast, I'm pretty sure he won. This guy will make it big for badminton - was going to talk to him but I was skipping french on a "washroom break" so I couldn't

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