Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fexibility - I hate Being Sick

I did not make 80k last week:( - the training for the half on Sunday did not go well, I have a feeling this spring road racing season will not be that great. I don't think I've made 80k for the whole 3months that I set out to train for the race. I feel so disappointed in myself since over the summer for 3 months I was doing 3 x80k/week + 1x 66k+/week, equally to over 300k a month. I think I'm a stronger runner since the last half but I'm not where I had hoped to be, I was hoping for a time b/w 1:29-1:38 but now if I even hit 1:38 I would be very thankful.

I would have made 80k last week but I started feeling sick on Friday night so I didn't do my 2nd run, and yesteday I didn't even head out. I think I was sick b/c I was doing multiple workouts in a day last week and on top of that I wasn't sleeping well so my body was pretty tired & weak and since everyone at school was sick the virus was able to invade into my cells (I know it's a virus b/c I don't have a fever and only a sore throat and a slighty congested nose). I am 90% recovered though - surprised b/c viruses usually need 5 days to run its course, but then I normally have a really strong body, I can't do my long run today b/c I'm not fully recovered but I plan on doing the last long run before hitting off my racing season tomorrow.

Yesterday was hell, my throat was just killing me. I had no clue what to do since it was viral and I didn't have a fever so all I did was lay there and try to sleep - which I had issues doing; I can usually sleep anytime anywhere but for no more than 3-4hstraight before waking up. Swallowing was not cool, I was living on Halls. I had to go to Italian yesterday b/c I had to hand in my essay, present, and write a test as well as ask the teacher questions about the oral & b/c I couldn't eat in the morning (other than a tiny apple) I became fully drugged on Halls - I'm kind of lightweight when it comes to drugs (you know those Mortin pain patches? they knock me out). I'm just so glad my throat is no longer killing me and I can swallow without flinching - just so happy my body was able to stop the virus inhibiting my cells for a even longer time. Apparently vitamin C doesn't really help with the prevention or recovery from a virus unless you are exposed to extreme exercise - I wouldn't call what I've been doing extreme but I guess there's correlation - my friend J was probably the one who gave me the virus (same issues, only she had a stuffy/runny nose too) and I totally recovered faster.

I'm so behind b/c I didn't do anything yesterday, I need to do everything I meant to do this weekend in one day - kill me now. But I guess since I'm no longer doing my long run today I have more time - but then I need to do what I planned for tomorrow, today. I hate being sick.

I guess what I learnt from being sick is that I have to be fexible, I have to be able to rearrange my activites from one day to the next if something happens.

Spring Road Racing:
April 25 - Southlake Half
May 2 - Sporting Life 10k
May 9 - Markham Women's 5k

Spring Track:
April 30 - Cardinal Carter Track {9:00 - Steeplchase| 3:45 - 3000m} - crap going to miss Bio
May 13 - BCSS Track {1:00 - 3000m}
May 17 - YRAA Day 1 {9:00 - Steeplechase} - ah. going to miss Bio again. Ciobanu is going to hate me
May 18 - YRAA Day 2 {11:00 - 3000m} - going to miss Bio trip, once again, Ciobanu is going to hate me

These track dates & times are not to my favour, steeplechase = missing bio which is not good - when I missed Monday b/c of an upset stomach (don't eat pineapple on an empty stomache) I was left so far beind. arg. I'm not sure if I should run the 1500, in track I'm not expected to do well since it's so long (well I don't expect myself to do well but the head coach does even though I've explained multiple times that I hate the shorter distances), I kind of want to do get more racing experierence but at the same time the 1500 is usually run on the mornings and I can't skip morning classes (anymore than I already am skipping) - afternoon classes I'm fine w/since we're basically done.

***Didn't realize the Cardinal Carter meet was so soon, will have to do the half, take 2-3 days off to recover then pop in some speed work before racing (say yay to less than 2 practices)

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