Sunday, April 18, 2010

95% better - only stuffy nose left

I finally gave in and took a Tylenol (I hate swallowing pills; I need to bit them) and I'm feeling a lot better - to the extent I even felt a bit hungry and made my mom make me chocolate covered pretzels - b/c I had no appetite for the last 2 days she wasn't pissed at my rather unusual request at all. For the last 2 days even the thought of running made my head hurt but right now my legs are just twitching to run (if it were not 10 at night and I have school tomorrow I would head out now). I take this as a sign I can do a long run tomorrow. I think I'm going to period 1 &2 but I'm going to skip the last 2 tomorrow so I can sleep, catch up on work (bio & math), and run - the long run. I take this as a sign I'm almost better - other than the fact my nose is still a bit stuff. I hate being sick.

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