Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Predicted Marks are so Bad!

I got my IB predicted marks for Math&French today, they are soo bad. I'm not getting into university with my predicted marks, no way.

French - 5 (translated it's 80-89)
Math - 4 (translated it's 70-79)

I'm so upset, I know I can do better, I slept through all of Gr 11 math last year and I ended up with 90+ - there is no way my final mark is going to be a 4. I know I can get a 6 (7 is ruled out b/c I didn't do too well in my math portfolios), from now till May 5,6 I need to work my ass off and study until I know the whole IB Standard Math curriculum by heart. I think my predicted mark for math is so low b/c it's mostly based on the exam I wrote in Jan (which doesn't count) & I basically failed the Jan Exam since I had no power the 24h before the exam and lost 2-3 days of studying b/c the power was on and off for those 3 days. I can not get a 5, a 5 will not get me into university - especially since math is supposed to be one of my strongest subjects.

French Group Oral - 20/30 (level 5)
Individual Oral - 21/30 (level 5 - high 5)
I think I can get a 6 in French; I can not get lower than a 6. If I get the same mark I got on my Jan exam in May then I am set on the borderline of a 5/6 in french. I have almost 2 months to learn idiomatic expressions by heart to elevate my french writing - also need to use as many pronouns relatives, subjontif &etc when doing the written pieces. I also need to learn to not freak out at the exam table - what a great Victoria Day I'm going to have, writing a freaking french exam - at least it's not at the YRAA date like I though.

***I really think they should add 10% to our bio mark b/c we're not even learning Gr 11 stuff, we're doing pretty much pure Gr 12 Bio

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