Friday, April 30, 2010

Crunch Time: Studying for IB MATH

Eh. not particularly the best race I've ran but it was better than Southlake. The weather definitely played a huge part in my results. I hate the weather right now,it's been humid and hot for the last two days - it's going to rain but it hasn't yet. Ever since I popped something in my hip last fall I've had issues with my hip before it rains - it just aches and aches before it rains though it doesn't ache when it rains.

I started off well at a 4:20 pace give or take but around 3 or 4k I had to twice b/c BOTH of my shoes became untied. Lovely, eh? Around 5 or 6k I had to stop again b/c my hip was aching really badly - it was 6:00/k - ouch. I picked it up again at 7-8k for a 4:37. My 8-9 k was basically a 4:00 flat. The last k came in at 4:19 with a huge sprint in the end - I'm just so disappointed b/c if it were not for my hip I could have done a sub 45 easy.

Sporting Life 10k 2010: 46:52

Our trek home was fun though, we kind of lost some people who were supposed to go home with Mac & Civ but eh they know their way downtown, if needed they can take the subway to Finch and hop on a bus. It was starting to drizzle a tiny bit when we hopped onto the Dufferin bus and the whole bus was packed with runners. Civ was wearing an Iron Man hat and some guys asked if he did one - he was forced to admit he never did it, it was funny at the time. One of the conversations on the subway was totally inappropriate, manscaping, it was really awkward b/c I was the only girl in that conversation (4 guy teachers, my guy friend, and myself). Never want to repeat that conversation again, ever. Especially with these people.

!saw Pascal today, haven't seen her since last June, it was nice.

It feels really weird b/c the Sporting Life 10k that I did last year was my first road race and now, roughly a year later I've done so many more road races, the count up to today:
-4 x 10k (Sporting Life twice, Angus Glen 10k, Toronto Island Girl 10k)
-2 x half marathon (Toronto Waterfront Half, Southlake Half)

Personal bests:
10k - 45:59 @ the Island Girl 10k
Half marathon - 1:42:40 @ the Toronto Waterfront Half
5k - 21:00 - trail @ school

I know I can get under 45 and maybe into the 43-44 range, physically I am able to do it now as long as the race course is fast and the weather conditions are good. I've also done training runs where I hit 21k at around 1:22-26 so I know I need to aim for that for the next half (Toronto Waterfront half) b/c I know I can do it physically - mentally, I still need some work.

I have yet to do a 5k on road and I'm looking forward to that next week as long as it isn't too hot. I'm hoping to hit the sub 21 range which I think I can do b/c I've done the trail in 21:00 and there are hills on the trail.

Got to get back to studying

***Some guy died during the Sporting Life today, he was 60 something and I guess he overexerted himself. One of the teachers with us is a fireman and he checked for the guy's vitals. RIP.
***we came in as the 2nd overall school - if it were not for the fact I had a bad race we would have came in 1st

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