Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apparently They're Booking Everyone who Skipped

The Gr 10s had the OSSLT today so we were told not to head to school for Period 1&2, periods 3&4 were going to be shortened so no one thought it would be necessary to go to school at all - we all skipped. Apparently the school has been calling people and telling them that they need a note to explain their absence - I haven't gotten a call from the school yet but some of my friends have; I think it's b/c my dad was on the phone to HK the whole afternoon (when he wasn't sleeping). Seriously, who is going to go to school with a note of why we skipped when our teachers basically told us to not show up - they can't book the whole school for skipping when there's no point to being in class anyways - since my math exam is early next month we're done learning new things & we never do work in French, it's easy to say my afternoon classes are kind of not necessary to show up to. I think my afternoon was well spent - I slept for most of it:) before heading out for the most horrible run in a long time - wind, rain, slop = ew.

*Better redone my bio prelab - 7am bio lab tomorrow morning b/c we have a double per 2 (thanks to mass) - I have issues getting to class on time at 8:30 so this 7am bio lab will totally work out
*Heading out for dinner at Baton Rouge tomorrow night w/friends for my friend, Rachel's birthday - got her The Angel's Game - Carlos Ruiz Zafron (one of my favourite authors)

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