Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finishing was Enough: Southlake Half Marathon

The Southlake Half did not go well - the fact I finished it and was not last is enough for me. I started the race off pretty well (considering the circumstances) and was on track at 5k for a 1:35 half but at either 5k or 6k (can't remember) the phlegm caught up to me and I nearly threw up my breakfast - dry heaved and threw up, the side effects of that virus - took around 10-20s which caused me to give up the distance I was leading by. I think I was still top woman until 6-7k but really, the race ended for me when I threw up. Around 15k I gave up, I actually walked about 1-2k of the race, physically I think I could have still ran a 1:40 but mentally I couldn't do it - my nose was clogging up and I was feeling just sick. I'm just happy I finished. I almost always run negative splits and I think this is the first time my 2nd half is longer than my 1st half. I have never ran a race this horrible in my life (even worst than the Angus Glen 10k where my hip was really messed up).

The course of this race was tough, I've done long runs where I hit 24k at 1:48 or less with the 21k mark around 1:22 so I'm just disappointed in my results, even with all the hills for this race I should have been able to beat 1:40. The number of hills during this race was disgusting, I felt like all I was doing was going up hill - running on Aurora Heights Dr was torture too b/c the road was so rough I felt like tripping every 2s. This race was just not good for me.

On the bright side my running buddy G came in 4th overall woman at a time of 1:41: -, so proud of her but at the same time I can't help but feel that could have been me. For a course like this 1:4- is an amazing time. I can't help but want to just forget this race and move on.

Post race I felt pretty good but about 30-45min after I was light headed and I felt like I was going to faint - I don't think it was b/c I was dehyrated or low on carbs b/c I had gateorade & post race pancakes. I don't know what is going on but it scares me - I battled the light headedness the whole day. When I finally got home from the race I couldn't even stand in the shower long enough to condition or wash my hair properly. Eating wat hard - made my mom bring up my lunch and ate it while covered in blankets but I was literally forcing food into my body - had no appetite. From there I slept for 4-5h which helped but I still dont' have much of an appetite.

Time: 1:52:28.3
Feeling: Sick, tired, disappointment

I think I'm going to take the rest of this month easy - no runs above 15-16K and then start hammering it for the Waterfront Half. I wasn't prepared at all for Southlake - b/w the slump, the fall, and that horrendous cold virus which I'm still not recovered from, I barely did any training. I'm taking June to late Sept not only as training for the Half but to start training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Sept 2011 for my debut - I want my first full to qualify me for Boston (not that I can go since it will be during uni exams and I won't have the money to head out there). I'm aiming to get up to 30-35k this summer for a long run and adding in some more speed work - aiming to do "Around the Bay" next year which is older than Boston.

Spring Road Racing:
April 25 - Southlake Half
May 2 - Sporting Life 10k
May 9 - Markham Women's 5k

Spring Track:
April 29 - Cardinal Carter Track {5:10 -1500 - b/c they're not taking us day 2 I can't do steeple or 3000}
May 13 - BCSS Track {1:00 - 3000m}
May 17 - YRAA Day 1 {9:00 - Steeplechase}
May 18 - YRAA Day 2 {11:00 - 3000m}

***Must go start my ToK Essay - didn't do it early b/c I was studying for math exam or sleeping.

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