Saturday, September 12, 2009

IB Land Week One

Where is IB land? My teachers kept mentioning it but I still don't know where it is - it's probably somewhere near Geneva, Swizterland. I'm not exactly sure what IB land is but I like to imagine that IB land is an amusement park for IB teachers and such. I do have to say that everytime one of my teachers say "we're in IB land now" I want to reply that I would rather be in Neverland.
Life as an offical IB student (no more of that Pre-IB crap) is intense. I'm usually okish with math but the math we did this week is just way over the top of my head. I take math outside of school but even then it doesn't really help me very much. And this is with me taking IB SL Math - imagine if I had to take IB HL Math. I would DIE. And what is with the final mark being 40% from Math P1, 40% from Math P2, & 20% from IAs. I am going to fail math this year. I really want a 7 but I think 4 is more of the reality.
I have a feeling Chem is going to be way intense this year with it being HL chem and all, we're going to be doing labs that count toward the submitted IB labs. I am beyond freaked out about my marks right now - the fact I had 2 sub-standard science teachers in a row doesn't help.
French. I have a feeling I'm going to end up with a 4 in French. I can barely make out what my teacher is spitting out during class - I am not excited whatsoever for the orals I have to do this year. Nor am I excited for the exams I have to write in May.
Normally, I love to read but I am not exactly enjoying the book I have to read for English by Wed. The context of the book is interesting (why do we study literature) but it is written in a way that is just so confusing, and what book is this? Northope Frye's The Educated Imagination. My teacher said she read it in Year 3 of University - we're reading it in Year 1 of IB. The rest of my reading list for this year seems pretty cool though: Mad Shadows, A Streetcar Named Desire, 1984, & Oedipus Rex. I also have to do an IOP this year which will be sent to the IBO next year - this is not good as I had 2 pretty bad teachers for English in a row.
I think the only thing that turned out right for me this week was my PR for a 5k - but that might only be because I haven't ran a 5k in months I believe. But I am happy with my 21:57 - I had hoped for a sub 22 this season but since I'm already there I'm going to have to pick a new goal. I think for this season I'm just going to hope for a PR of sub 21:30.
I'm also very ecstatic that my running buddy has finally signed up for the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon - we are going to run such a fun race. I'm hoping for a sub1:45 but I thinkin in reality I'm going to hit between 1:45-1:50.

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